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The Management of Adventure Plus believes in safety of the visitors at the site as prime most importance. Our aim is that they should return to their homes with very pleasant memories of their stay here but without any injury whatsoever.

Whilst there is an inherent element of hazard in adventure sports, such hazards can be avoided if the safety rules are observed by all concerned.

All due care has been taken by us while designing and establishing the rides and sports. Our trained and experienced staff will take good care of you while at Adventure Plus.

But, the safety of all concerned can only be assured if they co-operate by observing safety rules and tips given below.

-Following the instructors’ tips carefully
-Not to wander into areas to where you are not required
-Wearing of safety apparel and gear
-Wearing of life jacket whilst doing water sports
-Swimming in any of the park water bodies is strictly prohibited
-In order to prevent heat related illnesses, please remain sufficiently    hydrated.

It is highly advisable that the visitors should start drinking water in excess two or three days before the planned visit.

Visitors must know their own limits while doing activities which may be harmful to pregnant ladies & persons with hypertension. Visitors must be patient whilst waiting for their turn at a ride to avoid arguments.

Parents must take care of their toddlers.

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