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Places Of Interest

Rayreshwar Fort: 25 kms away from Bhor where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had taken oath and establishing Hindu kingdom.

Rohida Fort : 7 kms from Bhor with a lot of history related to Chhatrapati and his knights. .

Kawlagarh : A fort 40kms away from bhor restling in beautiful Varundha ghat a panage connecting Western Maharashtra and Konkan.

Torna fort: 60 kms from Bhor first capital of Chhatrapati.

Layangiri: 16 kms from Bhor mountain caves nexting in beautiful surroundings country.

Purandar /Vaijargarh forts :30 kms from bhor these two forts close to each other . Chatrapati s son Sambhajirao was born here .Besides the above there are several walking traits in nearby especially

River Kayaking :-The slow stream of neera river others kayaking experience ahor an erstwhile royal state and a taluka place just about than away from have next les amidst natural surroundings .Pune district enjoys a unique reputation of that of lake district of Maharashtra .Bhor too has a fair share of water resources .In addition to a dam built by british in 1928 with a huge reservoir there are about check dam in the taluka. Neera river originating from nearby little known Verandh ghat where where beauty rivals .Mahableshwar in fauna and scenery passes through Bhor.Arlabs ltd. project is situated on the river banks .
Bhors demography is interesting as much as that of 25,000 plus students population science ,commerce arts pharmacy engineering outstrips the local population of 15000 .the chief vocation of the people is agriculture predominantly rice is grown .
whether : it is almost identifical to pune weather that is pleasant throughout the year thanks to the altitude of 1900 feet .Rain god have been very nice to the area so much the rains have not failed ever once in last 30 years (12000 mm in an average)
Bhor is in the midst of same of the very interesting places of interest which are natural forts caves and religious ,shrines and temples.
Amboli : A small villages about about 10 kms about boasts of an ancient temple with 10th century A.D. statues.

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